Hughie Lee-Smith Oil Painting Bleached Oak Furniture Period Antiques 17th. Century Spanish Vargueno King George 1st by Sir Godfrey Kneller 18th Century Religious Antiques Domenici Zampieri Oil Painting 17th Century Flemish Tapestry Madonna Della Seggiola, Raphael Sanzio

The Pittet Companies Welcomes You

A direct importer of European antiquities specializing in Spanish and Mediterranean furnishings with nearly 60,000 square feet of showroom space in the Dallas design district. We offer an online inventory updated daily with retail prices posted and offer consideration to the trade. Pittet Antiques has recently had enormous requests for antique bleached Oak furniture that can be found in our internet catalogue.

Our staff is fully trained and expert in the history and nuances of all our inventories. Special appointments can be made for before and after hours for any day of the week, if requested sufficiently in advance. We look forward to meeting you!

Experience the Pittet Difference

We hand-select our inventory with a preference for simple lines and shapes, relaxed undertones, hand-wrought details, soft painted surfaces and bare woods, all with a hint of surprise. Searching through our extensive inventory, you are sure to discover an irresistible find or two. Brought to you from across centuries and waterways, these particular imports can add visual wonder and meaning to every day.

We seek out rare pieces whose beauty is classical, understated and fresh, but never stuffy. Their quiet expression yields astounding visual impact. Translucent washes of pigment, lingering gold dust, or impromptu chisel marks comprise some of the time-honored qualities that lend significance to these objects and, by extension, the rooms they inhabit.

Each object merits the attention to be well-placed and admired as a work of art, yet these same pieces may be characterized as humble, utilitarian objects when integrated into a well designed room. Whether as statement pieces or functional pieces, our products fit easily into more complex historical designs as well as today’s sleek, clean interiors.

We look forward to working with you personally in your pursuit of beautiful and whimsical elements that help personalize, differentiate and add depth of character to your living space....Fine antique furnishings for sale from the Dallas Design District. Specializing in dealing with the design trade where consideration is always given. Open to the public. Fine Antiques, Dallas Antiques, Dallas design district, antique furniture, Antique Shop, Antiques for sale.